Friday, November 19, 2010

What it has become, up to now.

Since the whole debacle, that was i don't know probably a month or two ago. I've realized that I just need to chill the fuck out. Things don't go as planned yes, but man carrying all that stress and just being angry has created a slew of health and mental problems (don't worry not so serious but still note worthy.) 1 being my back and shoulders has tensed so much to a point where it's hurting all the time, 2 I can't think straight. Not fun, so I'm taking it upon myself to get better and to change my whole outlook on things once again, well not so much change more like re-evaluate, like a life purge.

Other than that, the team will be gearing up for Mr. Agpalasin's Toys for Tots drive here in Vallejo on December 4th, so if ya'll in the area come on by to see us in action.

On to other things, an update on my Z, for those of you may know it has been lowered, I'm currently running some Tein S-Techs (thanks Rommel for the install), ive been having fun scraping on all sorts of stuff that i couldn't scrape on before. Now that is out of the way i'm looking for to the next few things.

Hydraulic Handbrake
Secondary Rear Calipers
Clutch and Flywheel

If you haven't guessed yet, I'll be looking into competing in next season of pro am drifting at thunder hill. This is the next step to pursuing my dream, I know for a fact that I won't place high but just to get that upper level seat time to hone my skills even further is something desired, but hey ill try my hardest to rank. Let's just hope with money constraints and time I can.

pictorials - Shots done by Rommel and Dino on some random nights.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bullshit People and the wrongfully buried Cressida that didn't get a chance. Ok more like fucked over burial.

Let it be known, I've been tolerant of you for years the shit you pulled this time. You pushed me to this point, enough is enough.

Intro -

These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement. Amongst those things, another wisdom tooth came in and fucked my jaw up, my right knee just decides to get swollen, people who point the finger at me, and the disposal of the project cressida. And so here we go, facebook won't allow me to write a lengthy, witty, and pretty much true talk message about some people who can't own up for what they done and have OTHER PEOPLE fight their battles, a cowardice - no A BITCH move on their part. Lets kick this party off by saying, "Man up for once, you fucking crusty vaginal taint cheese."

How This Whole Clusterfuck Started -

Many months ago, I came up with an idea of getting a project car started, something for the crew to use and learn on and to take our friends along for the ride when we go drifting at the track. So the hunt for the perfect candidate came to an end when I stumbled upon a 4 door rwd 83 Toyota Cressida, she was a gem with 90k orignal miles with minor front end damage from smacking a deer. We all pitched in to buy this car and thus this Cressida was on a path to reincarnation.

I'd Like To Call This Section.... fuck it I don't know just listen -

Knowing that I will be moving to an apartment and our buddies had no where to store it, except for one particular man... no that's the wrong term, more like boy, or kid, or emo douche rag. I asked Mr. Emo Douche Rag SEVERAL TIMES if he is sure that it's ok if we store it at his place with perks, he can use it as a second car, his mom can use it and what not until we get the time to do work on it. Sounds great right? Boy was I fucking wrong.

As my professor in school called it "The downward spiral, into oblivion" -

Time goes by and understandably we all can't get to work on it since we do have busy lives and other things to attend to, but it still didn't negate the fact that we will work on it eventually. Darkness fell upon Team A.D.D.icts, a buddy of mine finds out the transmission got fucked, now what the hell happened? Nobody knows cause Pre - pubescent horse shit didn't tell anybody. STRIKE ONE.

Now to just fast forward cause I don't want to bore you with current events. Again another lengthy time goes by and something happens and yes you guessed it, it has something to do with Mr. I take too many pictures of myself. This something puts Cumstain into a dilemma and eventually Project Cressida was junked at the junkyard. STRIKE TWO. Now I know, people are wondering, "Why is this such a big deal? He had to do what he needed to do." Although this statement maybe true, let me tell you why it's such a fucking big deal.

He didn't consult anybody about his plans for the wrongfully buried Cressida......

This ^^^^ right here is a big fucking deal. For one - if he only said something, that Cressida would have had a new home, Two - he didn't say shit, Three - The rest of the people who pitched in to pay for the car did not see one penny when it got junked.

So here we are thinking like idiots that we still have the Cressida when in reality, it got JUNKED away. Not right. So it's junked and we don't get payed back, I don't know about you but that's fucking with my money, no matter how small the fee was I and other people can agree with the saying "Don't FUCK with my money!"

We can also agree, the whole principal, if you have any decency, to TELL US and not just go right ahead and decide what to do. We all pitched in and we'd like to see that money back.

On top of this he has his mom fighting his battles, pointing the finger at me for getting in between him and his friendships. Let's get things straight here, not once did I sway his friends into thinking he is a bad person, they learned that on their own. No I'm not a ringleader brainwashing them into not wanting to be friends with him, again he did that all on his own, pushing them away. Do not speak of my friends saying I control them, cause I don't and they are more intelligent and have something called self respect to let that happen. In fact they we're my friends way before I introduced them to you. I take it as throwing shit on my face for things I didn't do, there were plenty of times to come up and talk to me, or anyone else who pitched in to buy the car, but you didn't. Give up trying to save face trying to be the "good guy" here cause you're not. You are selfish, you only think of yourself, YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS DAY TO DAY.

I've lost all respect for you in the 10 years we were friends. Time after time you fucked up, this time you majorly screwed yourself and obviously lost great comrades. I too have fucked up from time to time but I stuck to honoring my word. I cannot stand by and feel sorry for you day in to day out, you think the world likes to shit on you, but in reality you brought yourself there. You pushed away everyone and fucked us to no comprehension. We aren't talking shit, we are speaking facts, and the fact is you fucked up, for once in your life take charge for the actions you have brought upon this crew. I cannot accept you into this crew, your drama has darkened our lives to have a great time.

Now without further adieu I'd like politely ask you to get the fuck out.

RIP - 83 Cressida, you could have been something but someone fucked you and left you to rot.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Death of the Cool

Hey what's up again everybody hope ya'll are having some type of good time on the last days of summer before most of you go back to that thing called school X____X. Today I just wanna touch on a subject that something that no car person would like to answer.

Is the car hobby going down the drain?

To me this question is something that is on the slow decline and quite possibly no way of getting out of. I mean really lets list the factors. (btw this is based on cali living)

1. Smog - Number one killer amongst the car enthusiasts. Here in Cali it's great living... Non financially speaking, great weather, great places and what not. But damn with this implemented and being super strict (thanks to your local tree huggers) we simply can't do anything with our cars, ESPECIALLY since I heard for the past 2 DAYS that the local pd is pulling people over for random smog checks and popping hoods. I understand Cali is broke and all but please leave it to when we have to smog.

2. Fix it tickets - Please can't we just do these things at our own risk without being penalized?

3. What's next after Hella Flush? - Alright so we had surges of car fads. So we had import drag racing, then it was import vs domestic, all during that time it was the reign of Honda's. Then we had a year period where nothing happened, then we had drifting, drifting saved it for awhile but it's not as big as it is in Asia or Europe. And now we have Hella Flush, been a great couple years with this. It's like everything got pushed to the limit and now there is no innovation, no creativity, ask yourself what can the car industry do next?

Those listed factors to say the least I know there are more out there but I'll let someone else cover it.

Honestly I don't see what else there is there to do since it's been all covered in my eyes. I hope it doesn't come to an end with all these legal issues springing up. If it does then we could say goodbye to a hobby that not only I love but millions of people love as well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No matter what time of the year.

As some of you asked (well maybe more like one person, you know who you are) when am I gonna write another blog. funny you should ask, cause I'm going to write one tonight as we speak, so wipe those sad looks off your face kiddies cause Justin is back with another entry!

Summer time, ah yes the time of the year where it's nice and sunny, get to roll down your windows, ladies looking fly, fellas staying fresh etc etc. For us it's BBQ's, get togethers, work on cars, have a good time, cruise, everything under the NorCal sun. Unfortunately for us, NorCal has some of the coldest summers, I'm talking we are all wearing sweaters n jackets when the sun goes down THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT?! But that doesn't deter us from having our bbq at my buddy Dino's house, The big 3 rolled through A.D.D.icts, Def Sik, and J_Status most of us there on board to just chill, eat, work on their cars, detail whatever.

The great thing about the J.D.A. (the three crews) is that we've been doing this all times of the year. Rain or shine, bbq and car meets, we're not afraid of some rain to keep everything consistent. We're a big family and always down for whatever, I'm grateful to have family like this, always help one another whenever we need the help.

Anyways I think this is it for today dealing with a sore back from working on my car isn't helping me much right now, hope yall enjoy.

and now like always - PIC-TURRRRRRRS and a Video courtesy of Brokeside Productions

Dino's new whip the Porsche Carrera 996 (SHOT AND EDITED WITH IPHONE 4!!!!)

Rest can be seen here -

Much love always,


Monday, July 5, 2010


Well back to it again, sorry for the hiatus, i'll have to explain myself. Been lagging and i apologize (maybe not haha) but for me I felt the need to leave for a lil bit, so I drove to a special place called Las Vegas. Yes I drove the Z there, why not drive the car you pay for, and unlike many other so called "car enthusiasts" me and my crew actually put REAL miles on our cars, screw the whole "weekend" car shit.

so i spent that weekend in vegas, it was shitty hot (upwards of 112 Degrees) car ran flawlessly all weekend, went from Norcal to Las Vegas to San Diego then back to the Bay a grand total of roughly 1500 miles! anywhere from 75 to 120 mph driving. some may think "wouldnt you get tired?" i don't nobody should when they love driving especially driving their very own vehicles that they love so much. Norcal to Las Vegas - One Stop, Las Vegas to San Diego - One Stop, San Diego to Norcal -One Stop i love the range on this thing!

other than that ive been around just kicking with the crew next stop the Def Sik/J_STATUS bbq this saturday, ill be sure to take pictures for this event with the fam bam fa sho!


Aiight that's it for now,


Monday, June 7, 2010

My Relationship with Cars

Good morning everyone (Guten Morgen for all the German people out there). Just got back from hanging out at the Canibeat meet that my boy Anthony (L!zerd) set up as a bi-weekly thing. Hung out with my A.D.D.icts crew along with other various car crews and solo riders pretty cool but it was drizzling ON A SUMMER NIGHT?! Had a good time minus the fact my back was killing me and hindering me from walking properly =( but I went out there like a champ to support the scene.


A comment was made on my last post that sparked my interest to write something right now (Thank you Isa!) so instead of sleeping I rather write this and get this out before I lose the mood to write. The comment Miss Isa wrote had something along the lines of "It shows really your passion and affection to your cars :) " this statement for me and for many others is absolutely true. I've grown up with complete fascination for cars, how they move, what powers them, the way they were shaped etc. Ever since my parents gave me my first hot wheels car, it has been love at first sight and has never stopped being my love.

Cars for me has brought ever lasting connections with friends (who I consider my family now), meeting new friends, it has also taught me a to respect the vehicle for it will respect you back, and has also in a way given me life... Now I know that it may seem funny to read that the automobile has given me life, let me explain. I've gone through a dark period in my life where I didn't care for anything, I hated life, nothing was going right for me. All this led up to a point where I almost took my own life. After that whole ordeal, working on cars made me clear my mind, always kept me positive to finish the job that was at hand. I even started to work earlier than most kids my age at the time (17) just so I can get another part for my car.

To some it may seem ridiculous to form a relationship with a car, for they only see it as a mode of transportation. To me and many others it's a special bond between man/woman and machine, the countless hours we put into them reflects how we feel, each with it's own personality, emotion etc. Some name their rides (for me her name is Lucy), as if it were alive. As motorists we spend most of time in yes you guessed it our cars, we find out it's quirks, manners and we live to accept that because that's their life just like us humans, cars too have mannerisms. It is definitely not something that is a Point A to Point B thing for me, every time out is another journey, cycling through the gears, feeling the power push you back in your seat its all poetry in motion, a story to be told.

As time goes on, new cars will be made better than the last, cars will be outdated and put to pasture for parts or to be crushed. As for me ill be keeping this one for the rest of my life she has taken on a personality that is loved by friends, family and the occasional person walking on the street. I have put the countless hours and the infinite hours that lay ahead to get this car where it needs to be. I do realize that as much as I would love to complete this car, no matter what stage ill be in, no matter how long ive had her i will never be done with it.

Cars saved my life.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Taking a break today....

First and foremost, R.I.P. Uncle Ted he passed away friday morning, great man, lived his life may you be at peace where ever you are.

alright here we go...

Happy whatever is left of memorial day (i think we got like 2 more hours left of this vacation shit)

so yeh, today we are not taking a trip down memory lane, today we will be just reading about what ive been up to lately. Just recently i took bartending school. I learned like 60+ drinks within a 2 week period! everyday consisted of practice, learning new drinks and speed drills. i gotta say that shit was definitely hard but hey i passed! woot!

onto yesturdays festivities DM Motorsports held another bbq sunday in Pittsburg, ADDicts, Def Sik, J_Status where there for the day and well ill let the pictures do the talking. After that we had a impromptu touge run through the hills and stopped at the top where you can oversee the bay area pretty dope i needed it.

thats it for now heres some pics and a videio for ya'll to peep today.

Heres a vid done yesturday by Brokesideproductions - Jon P DOPE SHIT

Shouts to Anthony (aka L!zerd/fashodoebreh/goodshitgoodshit/fock!)

rest of the photos can be found here